Sports Massage

Sports massage has become a popular form of treatment for soft tissue injuries. Regular sports massage treatments also play a key role for many athletes in injury prevention strategy.


Sports massage has a large number of benefits regardless if you are injured or not. In many athletes sports massage is part of their training protocol as it can help prevent injuries, helps maintain healthy tissue, helps the body get rid of lactic acid, boost performance of muscle tissue, help maintain mobility to healthy muscles and injured muscle tissue. Sports massage can also support your psychological, physiological and physical aspects of being an athlete and can increase your overall life span of your athlete career.

Here are some examples of the physical effects and a few techniques is used in a sports massage treatment.

  • Pumping – increase circulation on a micro and macro level
  • Stretching
  • PNF and Active Release
  • Scar tissue breakdown – Friction massage

The goal is to Increase and improve tissues elasticity that hard training can cause.

Also note that there are pre and post an event (like a marathon) styles of sports massage. If you are booking a sports massage with an event in mind make sure you share that information, that way a treatment plan can be decided with your event date in mind.

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