Fertility Massage

Does Fertility Massage Help?

Yes it does, but please don’t take this as massage alone can fix your infertility or cause you to become fertile.

Infertility, like mental health, isn’t talked about much, and you almost always feel alone even though there are a dozen other women sitting in those chairs with you at 7 am to do blood work and ultrasounds. I was one of those women, and it was really hard being poked and prodded morning after morning to get told you’re not pregnant. I thankfully was one of the lucky ones and I have a wonderful baby (not so little anymore) boy, yet I’m at the point where we are thinking “do we need/have to go back down that route to get pregnant again?”

In my journey I found Dr Pamela Frank who is a Naturopathic Doctor and she specializes in Fertility! After having lengthy conversations I decided to look into how I could help people going through this hard time. I have come up with a treatment protocol that supports Dr Frank’s treatments and is beneficial to any type of other fertility treatments. I cannot believe what I found out.

Here’s How Massage Can Improve Fertility

The pelvic floor is so important when we are hoping that the egg sticks to the wall of the uterus. So if your pelvic floor is “off” then it’s not surprising nothing is sticking (this was part of my issue). Your pelvic floor houses your uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, bladder, rectum and the ligaments and connective tissue surrounding them. The objective of fertility massage is to release restrictions of your pelvic floor and make sure hip levels are balanced.  Your body might present these types of restrictions as lower back or hip pain, digestive issues, unexplained infertility or painful menstruation. As a massage therapist, I would identify which restriction could be involved by gentle manipulation and release of the adhesions so that your organs can have full, healthy function. Also I take time to look at the structure of your pelvis. In almost all cases the hips themselves are off by an inch (once again this was part of my issue).

What are the benefits of fertility massage?

  • It eases anxiety and stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest & relax)
  • It increases blood flow to the digestive tract and reproductive system
  • It restores vitality and balance to affected organs

 Who would benefit from a fertility massage?

  • Anyone struggling with fertility
  • Clients with PCOS and endometriosis
  • Post-natal bladder incontinence
  • Anyone suffering from chronic low back or hip pain
  • Anyone experiencing painful menstruation or digestive irregularities

Stress and Fertility

Fertility is like a waltz, you and your partner need to be in sync or you start stepping on each other’s toes.  Your body as a whole needs to be functioning as one, the delicate balance of hormones to create the production, release, fertilization and implantation of the egg can’t happen if the balance is off. The number one cause of this is stress in the body. This can be as simple as daily hassles or a single big stressor, because the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) can interrupt the rhythm of the waltz which is so crucial to creating a life.

Research suggests that stress can change the length of your cycle, your ovulation date and create tubal spasms. Stress can amplify many feelings like fear, worry, emptiness and anger and these feelings can create physical and mental reactions which are manifested in the body.

This type of therapy uses techniques help to break the stress cycle by encouraging relaxation. These techniques address adhesions and mechanical factors that contribute to female infertility.

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